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Grease Ventilation Cleans

Accumulations of grease deposits in extract ventilation systems usually linked to catering facilities, present a significant fire hazard if not cleaned. It is not unusual for grease extract ductwork to run through an entire building to reach a roof level exhaust, thereby putting the whole building and its occupants at risk in the event of fire.

Although filters in canopies help trap some grease particles it is inevitable that some grease will pass through, allowing grease deposits to cool and settle on the internal surfaces of the ductwork. Apart from the fire risk, the accumulation of grease in the kitchen extract system reduces ventilation efficiency by restricting the movement of extracted air, resulting in over heating, excessive humidity, possible failure to remove noxious fumes from gas burning appliances and a continuing source of unwanted odours, which can permeate the rest of the building.

The Fire Safety Order requires owners and managers of buildings to ensure the Grease Extract Ventilation System is included in the Fire Risk Assessment and action taken to eliminate any potential risk to building occupants from potentially fire hazardous grease deposits in the ducting.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced risk of kitchen fires.
  • Hygienic environment for kitchen staff
  • Smoke and odour improvement
  • More efficient system, longevity of mechanical parts.
  • Compliance with fire & health codes
  • Reduction of fire risk
  • System efficiency improvement

Complete tests available include:

  • Fume, dust & vapours
  • Extraction surveys & inspections (risk assessments)
  • Monitored maintenance schedules
  • Ductwork cleaning & installations
  • Replacement extractor fans
  • Full report upon completion
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